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Jerusalem/Israel: apple of discord in the world - the eyeball of God
Already in the 19th century BC the city is mentioned in Egyptian texts. Around 1000 B.C. King Solomon built the Temple of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a central focus in world history and the history of religion. For Judaism and Christianity the capital of Israel is the most important city. The Palestinians have also made Jerusalem their capital.

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem," the Bible asks (Psalm 122:6)
Prayer sets a counterpoint to the numerous politically, economically or religiously motivated activities for or against the country or the people of Israel. Prayer brings an additional dimension to circumstances, namely the trust in God's work, which goes far beyond human reason and ability. God's intentions, His plan of salvation for Jerusalem, Israel and for the world should become reality.
The association Jerusalem Prayer Switzerland is anxious, in addition to the information reported in the daily press, to pass on a view of events in Israel and Jerusalem which is shaped by the Jewish-Christian view of man and the biblical message. It must be possible to criticize the people and politics of Israel; but nothing should be demanded of Israel that is not demanded of other states. Israel plays an important role in world politics; Switzerland's official position concerns us all.


Mrs. Elisabeth-Schirmer-Mosset

Member of the Board of Trustees of Ronda AG, Lausen, Former President of the Bank Council, BL

Dr. Josef Bollag

Founder of the Foundation Audiatur

Swiss National Council Erich von Siebenthal

President of the parliamentary group Switzerland-Israel

Dr. Hansjörg Kägi

Pastor and author

Rev. Prof. Dr. Lukas Kundert

President of the Council of the Basel City Evangelical Reformed Church

Swiss National Council Piero Marchesi


Laurent Favre

Founder & Leader „MELCHIWAY“

Israel: good, wide land,
in which milk and honey flow

And the LORD said, "Thus I came down to deliver it out of the hand of Egypt, and to bring it up out of that land into a land of beauty and breadth, into a land flowing with milk and honey" Exodus 3:8a