Prayer ?

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem," the Bible asks (Psalm 122:6)

Prayer sets a counterpoint to the numerous politically, economically or religiously motivated activities for or against the country or the people of Israel. Prayer brings an additional dimension to circumstances, namely the trust in God's work, which goes far beyond human reason and ability. God's intentions, His plan of salvation for Jerusalem, Israel and for the world should become reality.

In 2017 Robert Ilatov, at the time a member of the Knesset, issued a call to prayer for Jerusalem and specifically invited Christian leaders from all over the world to the first "Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast" in Jerusalem. Over 500 guests from 50 countries accepted the invitation. This initiative resulted in the first Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast in Switzerland in Basel in 2019, attended by 100 leaders from the most diverse sectors of society and several nations.

The Jerusalem Prayer Switzerland Association does not provide humanitarian aid to Israel, but rather creates opportunities for influencers and public figures, especially from Switzerland, to reflect on biblical statements and current events about Israel and Jerusalem, and to pray for God's guidance and protection.

"Let him have no rest until he has restored Jerusalem and set it up for worship on earth!" Isaiah 62,7b

"Salvation is of the Jews." John 4, 22b