The association Jerusalem Prayer Switzerland is anxious, in addition to the information reported in the daily press, to pass on a view of events in Israel and Jerusalem which is shaped by the Jewish-Christian view of man and the biblical message. It must be possible to criticize the people and politics of Israel; but nothing should be demanded of Israel that is not demanded of other states. Israel plays an important role in world politics; Switzerland's official position concerns us all.

As a UN host country and member, Switzerland has an important role to play in world politics. The UNHCR and UNRWA are not only co-financed by Switzerland, but also supported by Swiss refugee experts. The fact that Israel and the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is a special focus of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is shown by the so-called "Item 7", agenda item 7, under which the UN Human Rights Council deals with the situation in Israel/Palestinian territories for one or two days. Only a few hours are devoted to the events in all other countries of the world.  In the first ten years of its existence (2006-2016) the Council adopted 68 resolutions directed against Israel, 67 resolutions concerned the rest of the world (as of 2016).

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